Grant My Plea Passing Cloud

Ooh Passing cloud
How I shall miss you
When you shall be gone

Your shortlived warmth
Out of this earth
I can only imagine
If I had you to be mine
A little heaven we would create
With pleasures so indefinite

But ooh lovely cloud
Where are you headed to?
Can't I follow you too?
To tour the world with you
Over the beautiful seas and oceans
Is all I can dream of

But ooh my cloud
Soon you shall leave
To a place unknown
So for now, I shall watch you above
From down here I shall fantasize
Of what beautiful life would be
If mine you would be

But see ooh my cloud
That is all but a dream
Yet not all dreams come true
But don't they say all things are possible?
Ooh my lovely cloud, my eyes are wet
And my palms full of sweat
Yearning for your grip
Be assured of my passionate rip
If in my arms you ever land

Ooh beautiful cloud
A symbol of peace you are
Your majestic moves I adore
But you are on a mission
You are on a journey to the unknown
But can I still accompany you?

Ooh lovely cloud
How I want to get lost with you
In your arms I'll be safe
To enjoy the chase of the wind
And breathe the so fresh air
Through thick and thin
I shall be with you

Ooh lovely cloud, Mine is only a plea
To give my all to you
And for eternity be with you


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