Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Experts say that whatever you eat is as important as whatever you apply on your skin. For a radiant, glowing and flawless skin, you need to practice effective skin care through foods


1.  Eat vegetables such as kales and tomatoes daily. Tomatoes, for instance, protect your skin from sunburns.

2. Avoid sugary foods and dairy products. Some research shows a relationship between dairy products and sugar to acne prone skins. If you have to use milk in your diet, almond milk is recommended.

3. To avoid a dry skin, eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as walnuts and sardines.

4. Avocadoes are also healthy for your skin as they provide important fats to achieve a radiant skin.

5. Herbs and spices like rosemary and turmeric are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants enhance smooth flow of oxygen and blood.

6. Water. Consuming all these foods without water may not give you positive results. Drinking lots of water makes your skin supple in addition to keeping it hydrated.

All you need is consume the right foods in the right quantities to achieve a healthy skin.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Creative minds: Grant My Plea Passing Cloud

Creative minds: Grant My Plea Passing Cloud: Ooh Passing cloud How I shall miss you When you shall be gone Your short-lived warmth Out of this earth I can only imagine If I had yo...

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Transform your outdoor space with spectacular patio dining sets furniture

There is nothing that makes your outdoor space as spectacular as the right choice of patio dining sets furniture. They are not only appealing to the eye but also add up to the value of your space creating a sense of warmth and pride to the diners.


While you may prefer to dine in privacy from the comfort of your dining room, a change doesn't hurt. With proper patio dining sets furniture, you can as well enjoy your meal outdoors. It gives you an experience of fresh air and at the same time allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Besides, you are also able to catch up with what is happening. You have a view of people and any other activities happening.


Whether at home, hotel, garden or club, patio dining sets furniture can fit into any place so long as they are well maintained. The ground shouldn't be soggy to ensure the furniture is not damaged. It is also important to protect the furniture from adverse weather such as rain.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Thirsty For Her Blood: A story of pain and vengeance

Thirsty for her blood(videoblocks)
The court was filled with deafening silence as they all waited to know my verdict. I was neither nervous nor anxious as it was clear in black and white and I could read it from the magistrate’s eyes. Nothing seemed to go through in my mind and I knew my fate was long decided. My whole body was numb and I could see her seated directly opposite to where I stood. Resentment was the only feeling I had for her. But again, I felt a victor on seeing her missing ear.

“….fourteen years in Karemeno juvenile prison” were the only words I heard the magistrate utter in her judgment that seemed to have lasted for an hour. This did not come as a surprise as I was ready to even serve a life sentence. I smiled sheepishly at the thought of a second chance. Yes, I still had another chance to ruin her life after I completed my term. By the time I got out of prison, I would be a woman like her and I would never be afraid of her. Vengeance awaited her. I was ready to serve another sentence if I had to just to see her go six feet under.

As the police escorted me outside, I could see her giggle around as though I was dead already. My father could not even look up. I could tell that the fella was dying with guilt inside by the way he drugged his feet as though his body overburdened him. Although he hadn’t been so useful, he seemed to regret his failures. The whole world turned against me and no one was ready to fight for me. I was nevertheless determined to fight for myself single-handed.

I had lived with my maternal grandmother since birth but she too just like my mother had passed on when I was only seven. It is then that I was forced to go live with my father who I knew not since my uncles and aunts were unwilling to take me with them. Before she passed on, my grandmother had made it known to me that my mother had passed on during my birth. My father had denounced me and had always insisted on my being aborted. Mama had battled the tough journey all alone to the labor ward where she had complications that would not allow her to even see her bundle of joy.

This woman who I was supposed to address as my mum was childless and was always bitter. They were always fighting with my father for reasons I never cared to know. The only thing I cared about was how   this woman treated me like rubbish. My father spent most of his nights away from home giving the evil woman more time to beat me up, deny me food and overwork me. This too I was ready to persevere till I secured a place where I could secure employment as a maid or a herd girl. It was only a matter of time and they would never see me again: at least that is what I thought. Once the school closed, I would run away.

This however never came to pass. Our shamba boy had all of a sudden changed in to a beast. Sexual violence was the only meal served to me daily. The threats I got from him shook me to death and besides my step mother would not hear a word of it. My father was never home and none of them seemed to notice my changed walking styles resulting from the pain in my genitalia. 

Then came this fateful day when all hell broke. I could not withstand the pain and the sight of my blood which was already flooding the room. The floor that had been so dusty few minutes back had its thirst quenched and could take no more of my blood. My body had become a source of a river flowing angrily with blood. My mother had given it a deaf ear when I screamed for help and it was the neighbors who had come to my rescue. The beast had taken off already leaving his knife behind. He had always used the knife to threaten me.

“If you ever open your mouth about this, I will kill you with this” he would say.

This very knife, I would use it to kill my step mother who had been so helpless. I had gathered enough courage to tell her what his shamba boy was doing to me but she had rubbished it all claiming that I deserved that and more. As helpless as I felt, I managed to quickly grab the knife in an effort to do away with this woman who now pretended to be so motherly with the neighbors present. My mission however was never achieved and I only managed to chop her left ear when she came close to me. 

I was thirsty, thirsty for her blood and someone had to pay for my lost blood and that of my mother. It had to be her.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


 I simply couldnt get what Rita was talking about.
Hey, I guess you dialed the wrong number Rita. This is Anne Muthoni Wangechi and I do not seem to understand what you are talking about please I responded amid mixed feelings.

Arent you the Sonie girl that I have been hearing about? Now do not pretend that you have no idea of what I am talking about. I know that you snatched my husband and here we are languishing in poverty as you enjoy the privileges that are meant for my son and I. You shall have to pay for this someday. Hatuwezi lala njaa ukijibamba na mali ya bwanangu.

My goodness, she was so bitter with me that I could almost see her clenching her biting her lower lip angrily. Thanks heaven for the distance between us. Mike was busy or pretended to be busy toying with his phone all through. I hang up confused ready to confront Mike to tell me what the drama was all about. Rita continued calling but I could not pick her calls.
I was so overcome with anger that I had no words. I tried to open my mouth and utter something but my lips only shook. My chest heaved and I felt like I would collapse the next second. What sort of betrayal was this? Did I deserve this? Maybe this was a punishment from God for not heeding to his call to pursue celibacy.

Right in front of me was Mike seated on our bed, no my bed- I had bought it. The only thing next to where I stood was an empty glass. No sooner had the glass landed on Mikes face than I found myself groaning in pain on the floor. Mike had done the unimaginable. His slap on my face however only ignited my adrenaline. I stood up fast enough to fight this lion back (Muruthi means lion in Kikuyu). I targeted to bite his ear but the lion he was got hold of me and shook me angrily threatening to kill me.

Anyway, I was bound to lose this battle. You know you cant just win a physical battle with a sober man. I calmed down and apologized for overreacting but right inside my heart burnt with bitterness and a million vengeance plans. I wished I would chop off his ears or one of his legs so that he had something to remind him of his betrayal. That would be a lesson that you do not just mess around with women from Nyeri.  As one would put it, airitu a Nyiri matihakaguo macuru.

After arguing up to midnight, we agreed that I would use the bed for the night while Mike would either spend at a friends place or on the mat since that was the only thing he owned besides his clothes. The following morning he would pack his belongings and go to wherever he wished. But before he left, we both would visit the University guidance and counseling department to be advised on what to do next since I was heavy with his child and we didnt seem to agree on what to do. Besides all that he had done, Mike had the guts to say that there was no way I was going to get rid of his child. The hatred in me however I felt could no longer allow me to continue carrying his baby.

Monday, 26 June 2017


If you ever swallowed a fish bone and it stuck in your esophagus then maybe-just maybe, you may understand the pain I have been going through.
I have blocked Mike on all my social media accounts and deleted his number and still can't get over it. Countless I have keyed in his number ready to give him a call but God rescued me from it. Not that I want him back or anything but just that I feel we have unsettled business.
My whole life had been spent in church from childhood. Then in my teenage I met this white nun who convinced me of celibacy. I would dedicate my entire life serving God and humanity. No man in my life apart from my only one brother Ben. The church would be my new family. I was ready for the daunting task and nothing would move my decision an inch.
It was until I joined college and became friends with this guy who seemed quite needy. Nevertheless, I was determined to help him overcome his stress. Mike Muruthi Gatimu from Kangima in Murang'a. His heart was golden and his eyes portrayed pity. I took time to share encouraging words during the Saturday evening Bible study session. Whenever he called, I responded without hesitation.
Sooner than we expected, it had grown to something totally different. The 10-10 rule applied no more. Before we knew it, I had rented a house for both of us for hostel life had become unbearable. I didn't mind paying all the bills with my HELB. Mike's parents couldn't afford maintaining him in school so I chipped in whenever necessary. Not that I had been born on a silver spoon, No. My parents took loans and sold a piece of their ancestral land to take me to college. I had made them believe that I had not benefited from Helb. But I secretly applied for it just to keep us going ( Mike and myself). Please don't say this was foolish.
By now my dreams to be a nun had long been shuttered. All that mattered was our happiness. I granted Mike all the rights a husband is entitled to, and I mean all of them. I even went to have the five years birth control injection. This way, we would fearlessly adventure and explore all the long hidden treasures in each other. I still can't believe I did this for a man. But anyway I enjoyed the adventures both day and night.
Our last semester came and we couldn't imagine parting from each other after college. We lay idle on our bed after our usual evening explorations one day. No much words usually followed after-maybe we were too drained to even utter "I had a good time". Then came this call from from a certain Rita that changed everything.
"I am Rita, tell Muruthi that we need food. His son's hair is browning and he won't pick my calls"..