Sunday, 24 September 2017

Thirsty For Her Blood: A story of pain and vengeance

Thirsty for her blood(videoblocks)
The court was filled with deafening silence as they all waited to know my verdict. I was neither nervous nor anxious as it was clear in black and white and I could read it from the magistrate’s eyes. Nothing seemed to go through in my mind and I knew my fate was long decided. My whole body was numb and I could see her seated directly opposite to where I stood. Resentment was the only feeling I had for her. But again, I felt a victor on seeing her missing ear.

“….fourteen years in Karemeno juvenile prison” were the only words I heard the magistrate utter in her judgment that seemed to have lasted for an hour. This did not come as a surprise as I was ready to even serve a life sentence. I smiled sheepishly at the thought of a second chance. Yes, I still had another chance to ruin her life after I completed my term. By the time I got out of prison, I would be a woman like her and I would never be afraid of her. Vengeance awaited her. I was ready to serve another sentence if I had to just to see her go six feet under.

As the police escorted me outside, I could see her giggle around as though I was dead already. My father could not even look up. I could tell that the fella was dying with guilt inside by the way he drugged his feet as though his body overburdened him. Although he hadn’t been so useful, he seemed to regret his failures. The whole world turned against me and no one was ready to fight for me. I was nevertheless determined to fight for myself single-handed.

I had lived with my maternal grandmother since birth but she too just like my mother had passed on when I was only seven. It is then that I was forced to go live with my father who I knew not since my uncles and aunts were unwilling to take me with them. Before she passed on, my grandmother had made it known to me that my mother had passed on during my birth. My father had denounced me and had always insisted on my being aborted. Mama had battled the tough journey all alone to the labor ward where she had complications that would not allow her to even see her bundle of joy.

This woman who I was supposed to address as my mum was childless and was always bitter. They were always fighting with my father for reasons I never cared to know. The only thing I cared about was how   this woman treated me like rubbish. My father spent most of his nights away from home giving the evil woman more time to beat me up, deny me food and overwork me. This too I was ready to persevere till I secured a place where I could secure employment as a maid or a herd girl. It was only a matter of time and they would never see me again: at least that is what I thought. Once the school closed, I would run away.

This however never came to pass. Our shamba boy had all of a sudden changed in to a beast. Sexual violence was the only meal served to me daily. The threats I got from him shook me to death and besides my step mother would not hear a word of it. My father was never home and none of them seemed to notice my changed walking styles resulting from the pain in my genitalia. 

Then came this fateful day when all hell broke. I could not withstand the pain and the sight of my blood which was already flooding the room. The floor that had been so dusty few minutes back had its thirst quenched and could take no more of my blood. My body had become a source of a river flowing angrily with blood. My mother had given it a deaf ear when I screamed for help and it was the neighbors who had come to my rescue. The beast had taken off already leaving his knife behind. He had always used the knife to threaten me.

“If you ever open your mouth about this, I will kill you with this” he would say.

This very knife, I would use it to kill my step mother who had been so helpless. I had gathered enough courage to tell her what his shamba boy was doing to me but she had rubbished it all claiming that I deserved that and more. As helpless as I felt, I managed to quickly grab the knife in an effort to do away with this woman who now pretended to be so motherly with the neighbors present. My mission however was never achieved and I only managed to chop her left ear when she came close to me. 

I was thirsty, thirsty for her blood and someone had to pay for my lost blood and that of my mother. It had to be her.

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