If you ever swallowed a fish bone and it stuck in your esophagus then maybe-just maybe, you may understand the pain I have been going through.
I have blocked Mike on all my social media accounts and deleted his number and still can't get over it. Countless I have keyed in his number ready to give him a call but God rescued me from it. Not that I want him back or anything but just that I feel we have unsettled business.
My whole life had been spent in church from childhood. Then in my teenage I met this white nun who convinced me of celibacy. I would dedicate my entire life serving God and humanity. No man in my life apart from my only one brother Ben. The church would be my new family. I was ready for the daunting task and nothing would move my decision an inch.
It was until I joined college and became friends with this guy who seemed quite needy. Nevertheless, I was determined to help him overcome his stress. Mike Muruthi Gatimu from Kangima in Murang'a. His heart was golden and his eyes portrayed pity. I took time to share encouraging words during the Saturday evening Bible study session. Whenever he called, I responded without hesitation.
Sooner than we expected, it had grown to something totally different. The 10-10 rule applied no more. Before we knew it, I had rented a house for both of us for hostel life had become unbearable. I didn't mind paying all the bills with my HELB. Mike's parents couldn't afford maintaining him in school so I chipped in whenever necessary. Not that I had been born on a silver spoon, No. My parents took loans and sold a piece of their ancestral land to take me to college. I had made them believe that I had not benefited from Helb. But I secretly applied for it just to keep us going ( Mike and myself). Please don't say this was foolish.
By now my dreams to be a nun had long been shuttered. All that mattered was our happiness. I granted Mike all the rights a husband is entitled to, and I mean all of them. I even went to have the five years birth control injection. This way, we would fearlessly adventure and explore all the long hidden treasures in each other. I still can't believe I did this for a man. But anyway I enjoyed the adventures both day and night.
Our last semester came and we couldn't imagine parting from each other after college. We lay idle on our bed after our usual evening explorations one day. No much words usually followed after-maybe we were too drained to even utter "I had a good time". Then came this call from from a certain Rita that changed everything.
"I am Rita, tell Muruthi that we need food. His son's hair is browning and he won't pick my calls"..


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