MY LOVE STORY

All thanks to God and the slums
for the love I found there
deep down in laikipia county
lies the Manguo slums
and like the hippos of manguo
so is the love of the residents

He's a light skin
best height and weight for a guy
but something is different about him
my heart tells me so
his heart is beautiful
and his smile so colourful
the warmth of his love i feel
and soon our bond we shall seal

The true definition of a beau
and to him my love I owe
playing hard to get was difficult
for my love too like his was so evident
from the day i visited the bank
where he is a guard
to our first dinner at his place
allowing love to flow at its pace

Two weeks later
he goes down on one knee
making the long awaited plea
right infront of his colleagues
who upto now think we are in haste
but no, we are in love

Meeting his parents today
gave me the feeling of yaay
getting the approval from family
and next we meet my family
from there follows the vows
and definately friends' wows

We shall start from here
at the hippos slums
won't mind lying on the floor
on his old thin matress
so long as our love flourishes
we shall whisper sweet words
not only because of love
but also the neighbour will be listening

Slowly we shall rise together
and happily we shall live forever
for him il bear half a dozen children
he will be the king
and i the queen
and an empire we shall build

The slums too got their beauty bit
and happines they have given me
Yaay to Manguo slums!


  1. Am jealous, but the heart wants what it wants.. In another breath, lovely bit of literature!


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