Monday, 6 July 2015


                                MY BEAUTY
Ooh so beautiful you were
And I really miss you
The awe in you
Like a ram to the ewe
Is my liking for you

Your name I know not
But your family I adore
For beautiful are your breeds
And awesomeness you bleed
All that I desire
Is all that you sire
I need not two
To know that you loved me too

Every morning on my knees
Making to thee my pleas
That you may never leave
Till I see you alive
And if they murdered you
I shall not revenge
For one thing am for sure
Nature does not forgive
And vengeance it shall give

I was only fourteen
But you aroused my love for you
Every moment I was free
From the house I would flee
To spend my times with you
I climbed on your thighs
And willingly you accommodated me
When I hugged you
You showed no resistance
And it gave me hope &assurance
That even if you never spoke
You indeed loved me
For your deeds proved so

Unique &outstanding you were
Attracting me the more
Lonely you stood
Behind a house like a shield
They saw a wind breaker
And I saw a peace maker
Solace you provided
And consolation you offered
What more could I ask for?

You may not understand my dialect
Even though you are an intellect
That I value you
Everything in you
And all that you did
Ooh my beautiful tree
When will I be free?
I f I would flow in the spree
Even if for a fee
Or just a bee
Just to reach you
For I really miss yee

Anne Wangechi

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