Monday, 6 July 2015


Ooh I am in love
today she's single
tomorrow married
the day after,divorced
Mary at dawn
a mother at dusk
you love her soft 'spokenness'
till you get into an argument
and find an entirely dfrnt person
Oh!what a controversial village gal?

Naive she might appear
yet brave she is
but you may not tell
coz anyway
she's just a village girl
Fewer words she says
listening more she does
she knows not the modernity
but modesty she values
yet integrity is a virtue
never has she set her eyes
on a make up kit
she's just a village girl
Unapproachable for some
yet indispensable to others
friendly she seems to some
yet a stone faced to others
What a controversial village girl?
tricks&traps she loves
and the joy of it all
is when you fall for them
and she'll still do it tomorrow
for that's her love
tough she can be
maybe due to the 'nyiri'
blood in her veins
but gi'me a break
she remains a village girl
She adores nature
and the beauty it brings
the mugumo tree
and her heritage she treasures
the beauty of her heart
only her can tell
the secrets she holds
that go untold
yet so worth they're
but she's just a village girl
It's hard to admit
yet undisputable
that am in love
much much love
with a controversial village girl
but anyway,
she's just a village girl

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